Our story

Where focus goes, energy flows.

Our logo embodies every element of our mission here at vision junkie. Our graphic represents the colourful and vibrant vision you might have of your future self. Our graphic is organic in nature, hence the off-centre eye.

We want to show in everything we do, that sometimes all it takes is a subtle shift in mindset to transform your life. We want to inspire creativity, drive ambition and encourage self-growth. We want you to think big and dream bigger.

Here at vision junkie, we want to bring to life our brand that makes the world of manifestation a simple one and a world that caters to everyone. We know that the process of starting manifestation can be overwhelming so don’t worry we are here to help you along the way. We know all too well that the thought of beginning your manifestation and self-growth journey can feel quite overwhelming so we are here to take away the pressures and expectations of reading 100 books, watching countless videos and going from 0-100 in finding your zen.

Our products have been created with you at the centre of our attention. Every element of our brand has been created with you in mind to ease you into manifestation by breaking it down and aiding your journey with prompts. We want to encourage a real sense of community so we have incorporated a chat room and forum page.

Key beliefs:

  • Belief in the power of establishing a positive mindset

  • Belief in manifestation being available to everyone

  • Being committed to finding ways of supporting each person’s unique growth journey

Do you want to start manifesting but don’t know how? Then Vision Junkie is here for you. Come and dive into our world of manifestation and watch your dreams become YOUR reality. Everybody's journey is different so this your space and your time. Do it your way.